Making a Silk Lamp

These unique Silk Lamps are hand painted and dyed.  Each Lamp is made to order and  are a delightful addition to any decor in your home, office or treatment room.  They set a tranquil and serene mood and cast a beautiful glow.  All lamps are hand made one at time with designs to suit your decor.  You can choose from designs below.  Leti loves to create custom designs at your request to fit your needs.    This video will give you an idea what goes into making these beautiful lamps.  The end result is functional art for you to enjoy in any setting.  


All Silk Lamps measure approximately 19 in. tall by 24 in. diameter, using high quality silk and original design.  Price $325 plus Shipping and handling

Majestic Rose
Rising Dragonfly
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Forest Prince
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Ocean of Compassion
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Dolphin Joy
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Tiger Eyes
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Sea Tutle
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Hummingbird Delight
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Farie Bloom
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