Plein Air Gallery

Nature, by virtue of possessing light, space, sound and movement, presents an infinite  abundance of subject matter.  The plein air artist is presented with overcoming the obstacles of the elements while maintaining the imagination and passion to create a fresh rendering.  Too much reality in a painting can be a disappointment to the imaginative soul.  Nature reflects the perfection of Spirit’s creation.  To receive its gifts the artist must open to the inner vision while responding to the sensory experience.

Painting outdoors among the rawness of the elements combines Leti's love of nature and color.  Not only does an artist have the perfect light, but there is also a vibrancy of the local color and landscape which helps the artist capture the perfect  and best setting for its subject matter.

Through Fine Art America you can have the convenience of buying  prints of  Leti's art in any size and in a variety of home decor items,  phone covers, or a simple  greeting card. Fine Art America offers on Demand art that fits your budget and delivers it directly to you.   Contact Leti directly for inquiries of buying originals.

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