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 Creativity in motion describes  me, as I am in constant motion experimenting and sharing my passion for art with the world. I live my life out loud.  My love for vibrant colors is reflected in my creations as well as in my ability to inspire others to live a creative life. I combine my extensive life experience as a student of spirituality and human potential with art that touches the soul.   Over the years my approach has been to create art as a devotional practice, an avenue to serve others find beauty and wholeness.  I have mastered  a variety of mediums which has naturally lead me to teach and become a mentor and coach.  

In my mid twenties, I embarked in a two year certification program in Expressive Art Therapies that would lead me to my life's work.  Ever since, I have worked with people in a group and private setting using art as a tool to guide others in their transformational journeys into wholeness.  

After extensive work in the corporate world and in private practice as a mentor, artist, and coaching hundreds of clients find meaning in life and their unique voice, I offer a variety of classes, and services.   I am devoted to sharing the magic of Art, through classes, experiential workshops, spiritual and ceremonial work, and deep personal inquire sessions.   

Please join our mailing list to stay informed on upcoming classes and events. Leti welcomes creating one of kind commissions and customize art experiences for you to explore the gift of creativity.

I also offer a new services after extensive and continued education and training working with trauma.  Guided Drawing and Expressive Art  Session are offered by private appointment, on line or in person.  These session are conducted with care and a deep understanding that the body holds memories of trauma.  Using art  to bypasses the left rational brain to connect with the body.  Art becomes the language in which the body can bring to our awareness what trauma is ready to release.  Art gives us the opportunity to safely  tap into early child memories of trauma, pain and disempowerment.  

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“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.” 
Pablo Picasso