Fast and Fabulous Scarf Making Class                                                                             


You will be guided you on the basics of working with silk dyes, using salt and alcohol to produce amazing patterns. Simple techniques produce beautiful results. In one afternoon, you will make a unique scarf and will have the option to create another as a gift for someone special.  Leti will guide you through the technical process with ease. No stress or mess to clean up. All materials are provided in this session. Open to everyone, no experience necessary.   3-hour class, $55 - $10 for additional scarves 



Private Parties /Wet Canvas & Wine       


This Perfect for a group activity, bridal showers, birthday parties, girls night out. Leti will help coordinate your art experience  in your home, or office.  Your group will be guided by Leti and inspired to create a  painting while you enjoy fine wine.  All materials are provided.  No mess to clean up afterwards.  Bring your painting clothes and party attitude. Leti will provide inspiration, guidance and permission to unleash your imagination. No Art Experience Necessary - Inner Child required to attend.  3 hours $45 all materials included


Unleash The Artist Within


Join us for an adventure in exploring your creativity, leaving behind stress and open yourself to the creative spirit that is waiting for you.  In this class the mind-set is "no-end in mind" we begin by using acrylics and just express, images and colors emerge on the canvas with magical results at times. Leti guides you through a brief meditation helping open up to you creativity and letting go of self-judgment. With music in background moving at your pace, while images, shapes and color begin to form.   A painting usually develops organically in the first session.  Leti will assist you zero-in and bring the images to life and complete the painting. (1 or 2 sessions). Children are welcome with parent $45 includes  materials\ your materials.  

Deep Inquire  Sessions


Art as transformative tool  can guide you to the heart of the matter through direct communication with your subconscious mind and your soul.  Expressive Arts Therapy can assist you in the integration process of life stresses, personal and professional crisis and transition periods.  Unlike traditional talk therapy, art communicates through symbols, body sensations and right brain cues.  In these sessions we bypass the judging mind and defend mechanisms to tap into your internal wisdom using art as mode of communication. (Leti has 20 years of experience in helping victims of crime and life transition utilizing art as dynamic tool for transformation and personal growth.   90 minutes/$150