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Amethyst Shore
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Time in my studio is my therapy and meditation,even 30 minutes shifts me into relaxed and happy camp

Artist Bio

Leti C. Stiles is a self-taught artist that loves to explore diverse styles and mediums.  For the past 25 years, she has immersed herself in the creative process.   She has been inspired to explore her creativity and artistic abilities in  a variety of mediums; fine art on silk,  oil and acrylic painting, impressionist Plein Air, Mandala Art, Pastels, Alcohol Inks and Jewelry design.   She earned an Expressive Art Therapy certificate in 1986 and has worked privately as well as facilitating classes and workshops. 

Her love of experimenting with new art materials keeps her excited and she is always adding more to her repertoire of creations. Leti is well-known in Orange County, California,  as a gifted facilitator.  She loves to teach and share in local galleries, artist studios  and is a regular at The Art Supply Warehouse.  


Leti served as (2012-2013)  Gallery Director for ShowCase Gallery (OCFA), located at South Coast Plaza Village, in Santa Ana CA.  This avenue gave her the opportunity to share her love and passion of art and creativity with others.  She works with a variety of artists curating art exhibits, coordination of community events and monthly classes.  "It is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with so many talented artists and build a sense of community to share the magic of art with the world.


Leti's mentors have been teachers and artists that have imparted the passion for art as a way of living.  She has studied and been inspired to tap into her creativity and master new skills.  Leti’s amazing imagination, creativity, use of bold color and love of nature enables her to bring forth creative expression that inspires the spirit.


Artist Statement

Becoming an Artist has expanded how I see and experience the world.  Since childhood I was very curious and attracted to the vibrancy of color, shapes and forms found in nature, flowers in particular.  I would study leaves, flowers, rocks, shells and clouds.   I was in awe of the perfection of God’s creation.  This stirred curiosity and inspired me to look deeper into the essence of my sensory experience of the world.  Today, I live on the razor’s edge of my experience and the creative process with the same child like curiosity and see what is possible by exploring the world of color and form on Silk and Canvas.     

As an artist I can experiment and challenge myself to reach for true expression.  Art is a metaphor for my life’s experience and relationship to the universe.   Everything is possible, the choices are endless, and limitation is far from my mind.  When, I begin a new piece, I look at the possibilities of color, form, design and how I am going to set the painting up for excellence.  Each piece offers me a new path to the dormant wisdom living within me, waiting to reveal itself.   Through the passion and anticipation of creation lying within me, I overcome the critical mind, self-created limitations and grandiose expectations. 

The lesson of letting go of expectations and limitation reminds me to move out of my mind and surrender to the flow of energy moving organically through me.   This divine flow transports me into the zone of the universal pulse of creation.   I am not thinking with my brain.  I am thinking with my brush. It moves and glides like the waves in the ocean.  When I chase perfection in how “I think” a piece should look, it never works.  It is only when I surrender to what is that I can embrace the end results.  As a creative being expressing from the center of my essence, I can only say Yes to what is emerging.  Then Magic happens before my eyes and through my hands. When the true purpose of creation is fully expressed beyond my own vision or idea, I experience the delight of being a conduit of beauty. The end results of these explorations produces the art you see on my website.